iTunes Account

Creating iTunes Account

To purchase and download using your itunes account, you’ll need to have an Apple ID. If you have used other Apple services such as MobileMe, the Mac App Store, or have purchased from the Apple Online Store, you can sign in to the iTunes Account Store using the same Apple ID. If you don’t have an Apple ID, you will need to create one before you can begin using the iTunes Store.

When creating an iTunes account from scratch, you’ll have to click through a few screens to begin entering your information. Among these is a screen that asks you to agree to the iTunes Store’s terms. Do so.

iTunes software is performing a check when a user creates a new account to verify that the address of the user and his payment address are related. A credit card for instance would have to be from the United States as well if the user would select the United States as his country of residence. It is therefor not possible to create a US account the “normal” way unless US address and credit card are at hand. One way to get past this verification is to buy gift certificates and use them to create the account.

iTunes Account Work Around

Yes, you can make it anywhere outside of the US. Yes, you can have more than one account for different App Stores even though Apple says you can’t (like an US account and one in your country)Yes, your iPhone (or iPad for that matter) can be logged in any of your accounts and download from any as well.

iTunes Account Gift Certificate

So don’t delay you can use your gift certificates to purchase anything form itunes store using a gift certificate and there are many companies on the internet who will give you gift certificates for free just by entering your email address or zip code.

If you ever forget your Apple ID, you can retrieve it by using the password retrieval process on the My Apple ID page.

How to make an iTunes Account without a Credit Card

For step by step instructions on how to open an iTunes Account without a credit card CLICK HERE

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